Seeking out loans to refinance a home is comparable to getting a mortgage loan all over again. Forget the fact that you already have a home which you might use to stand in as collateral.
Imagine, you can lower your monthly mortgage payment to within 31% of your gross income? To a great many homeowners this represents as much as a $1,000 or even $2,000 per month. Interest rates are being reduced to as low as 3.5% in some cases for a 5 year period. Sound too good to be true? It is time to Hold Your Nose!
Obama’s new loan modification program has simplified Washington Mutual loan modification process also. People who have tried in the past years must be aware of the difficulty in achieving a loan modification.

Guide to Mortgage Trips

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Guide to Mortgage TripsThe Real Estate you own Is Your Best Investment. One of the facts often forgotten is making extra principal payments on you mortgage. You probably have heard the concept of making extra principal payments to reduce interest and payoff your mortgage much earlier. The concept may be simple, but people overlook this all the time. A typical promissory note amounts to incredible interest over thirty years. Read More

Ensure Stability With a Fixed-Rate Mortgage

Ensure Stability With a Fixed-Rate MortgageWe’ve all been hit by the recession. We’ve seen home prices fall. And depending on where you live, it’s not getting any easier to find a job. The slowing economy doesn’t have people feeling too confident about their own financial situations.

So what’s the good news?

Interest rates are at record-lows. Really, rates haven’t been this low since Eisenhower took office in the 50’s! This has resulted Read More

How Can I Deal With a Bad Credit Home Refinance?

How Can I Deal With a Bad Credit Home Refinance?The credit score that goes along with you is there for life in our current economic system, for better or worse. This means that if you make mistakes earlier on in life, such as buying things you cannot afford and missing payments, having too many credit cards and several other ways to get bad credit, it will affect you forever. Granted through making better decisions later on in life, Read More

Alabama Mortgage – What to Expect When Buying a Home in Alabama

Alabama Mortgage - What to Expect When Buying a Home in AlabamaMaybe you’re buying your first home in Alabama, or perhaps you’re relocating to Alabama from another state. Either way, it’s important that you educate yourself on Alabama home loans before shopping for a home and mortgage. This article explains what you’ll need to know before buying a home in Alabama:

The average price of a home in Alabama in October of 2005 was $147,678, and homes in Alabama Read More

Loan Calculator: What Is It?

Loan Calculator: What Is It?A loan calculator is a tool that you should use when comparing any type of loan that you plan to apply for. There are various versions of this type of loan that can be quite helpful in using. For example, there are those that are excellent for determining the value of a mortgage. These are called amortization calculators. There are others that fit for vehicles, for personal loans as well Read More

High Risk Mortgage Lenders – Using a Sub Prime Lender Online

High Risk Mortgage Lenders - Using a Sub Prime Lender OnlineSub prime lenders handle high risk mortgage loans that traditional lenders refuse to touch. Through slightly higher interest rates, sub prime lenders protect themselves from the higher rates of foreclosures. With sub prime lenders online, you can easily compare rates to find reasonable financing for your mortgage.

The Role Of Sub Prime Lenders

Sub prime lenders offer people who have Read More

Loan Modification Hardship Letters – Three Essential Components

Loan Modification Hardship Letters - Three Essential ComponentsIf you are seeking loan modification as a means to assist you with your current financial difficulties in meeting your monthly mortgage obligations, you’re going to be writing a hardship letter as part of that process. Many Americans are struggling with debt due to the downturn in our economy and it’s important to let your lender know about your situation before it gets too far out of control. One of the best Read More

Who Is a Reverse Mortgage For?

Who Is a Reverse Mortgage For?Just to cover the basics before we dig in, let’s talk about the minimum requirements to get a reverse mortgage. This is more about what it takes to qualify for a reverse mortgage, as opposed to who it is for. You need to be at least 62 years old and own a home with some equity in it. The amount will vary depending on your age. There are some particular property requirements, but that is outside the scope of this Read More

2nd Mortgage Rates

2nd Mortgage Rates2nd mortgage or home equity loans can be a great way to access the equity in your home. If you’re looking to add value and comfort to your home through a home improvement project, or you’re looking for a lower interest rate alternative to a traditional loan or line of credit, second mortgage or equity home loans may be right for you.

2nd mortgage loans or home Read More

Choosing the Best Bad Credit Mortgage

Choosing the Best Bad Credit MortgageTrying to find a good finance deal can be hard work at the best of times, and finding yourself limited to bad credit mortgage lenders means you are going to have to work that little bit harder to find yourself a good deal. It is not impossible to get a good mortgage interest rate through a mortgage broker, however using a broker of course means you will incur fees, which could turn out to be quite Read More