Seeking out loans to refinance a home is comparable to getting a mortgage loan all over again. Forget the fact that you already have a home which you might use to stand in as collateral.
Imagine, you can lower your monthly mortgage payment to within 31% of your gross income? To a great many homeowners this represents as much as a $1,000 or even $2,000 per month. Interest rates are being reduced to as low as 3.5% in some cases for a 5 year period. Sound too good to be true? It is time to Hold Your Nose!
Obama’s new loan modification program has simplified Washington Mutual loan modification process also. People who have tried in the past years must be aware of the difficulty in achieving a loan modification.

President Obama’s New Stimulus Plan For Refinancing and Mortgage Modification

President Obama's New Stimulus Plan For Refinancing and Mortgage ModificationGet 2% mortgage rates, lower monthly payments, and save your home from foreclosure. All of this is possible thanks to President Obamas “Making Home Affordable” plan. This is a mortgage bailout plan which is designed to help the millions of struggling homeowners who are going to lose their home. Using this plan is easy, and almost everyone will be approved.

Homeowners who would not have a chance Read More

Miami Real Estate: Investment Loans

Miami Real Estate: Investment LoansA loan on secured by Miami real estate collateral is typically known as a mortgage. This is the most popular form of real estate investment loan used by investors. Miami real estate investments provide an opportunity to generate cash flow. Apart from commercial banks, savings banks, savings and loan associations, credit unions, real estate investment loans can also be obtained Read More

Credit Problems and Specialized Lenders

Credit Problems and Specialized LendersBasic Loan Options There are all kinds of loan options available to people with bad credit, including:

Payment Option Loans Interest Only Loans 30 Year Fixed Loans 40 Year Loans 50 Year Loans 90 Days No Payment Loans No documentation loans Cash Out Loans Special Concerns For People With Bad Credit

People with bad credit usually have some special concerns, Read More

Mortgage Refinance and Loan Modification Can Help Struggling Homeowners

Mortgage Refinance and Loan Modification Can Help Struggling HomeownersAs the current crisis continues there has not been one part of the economy hit as hard as the residential housing market. Housing values in most of the United States have dropped and a significant portion mortgage holders are fighting to keep up with monthly mortgage payments. The problem has become so commonplace that the government is deciding to support the many housing loan borrowers here at risk Read More

Second Mortgages – How Much Can I Borrow?

Second Mortgages - How Much Can I Borrow?A 2nd mortgage is a loan that can be taken out against your home. There must be an existing mortgage on your current home. The equity that is in your home is used for collateral for the second loan. The second loan that is taken out on your home will not be a huge priority as the first loan will be. So if accidentally defaulting on the first loan you will want to make sure that you pay off the existing Read More

VA Mortgage Refinance in Texas – How It’s Different In Texas

VA Mortgage Refinance in Texas - How It's Different In TexasVA mortgage refinancing in TX is very similar to VA mortgage refinancing in other parts of the country; however, Texas veterans have options that aren’t available to everyone. Here are three things you should know before getting a VA mortgage refinance in Texas.

You Can Quit Paying Mortgage Insurance

If you currently have a conventional mortgage and pay mortgage insurance, a VA mortgage refinance Read More

Colorado Mortgages

Colorado MortgagesGold was discovered near Denver, Colorado, in 1858. Though the region has seen many economic ups and downs since then, it continues to attract tourists from around the world. Despite the high cost of living, more and people make Colorado their home. Mortgages are one thing that makes this possible.

The thriving Colorado Mortgage industry helps people’s dreams come true. According Read More

Loan Modification Criteria to Qualify For Government Home Rescue Plan

Loan Modification Criteria to Qualify For Government Home Rescue PlanThere is a lot of confusion and wrong information on just what it takes to qualify for the federal home rescue plan. Before you get frustrated and give up, take a moment to learn the loan modification criteria that you lender will use to determine if you are eligible for the government sponsored loan workout program.

The good news is that President Obama has initiated the federal home saver plan and set up standard Read More

Tips to Getting a Better Mortgage

Tips to Getting a Better MortgageAre you looking to buy a home? You will need a mortgage, and if it is your first mortgage, there can be a lot of questions that invariably come up. So how do you find a better mortgage? Let us look at some mortgage finding tips.

There are many different mortgage lenders out there. There are banks, and private institutions. There are small businesses, and all the others, Read More

What is a 125 Home Equity Loan?

What is a 125 Home Equity Loan?125% Home equity loans are second mortgages that literally think “outside of the box,” because they allow homeowners to go beyond their homes’ equity to finance things that typically require a significant amount of equity. The 125% home equity loan is a 2nd loan that is secured by your home and personal credit. The 125% loan subordinates to the first mortgage, just like regular second Read More