Seeking out loans to refinance a home is comparable to getting a mortgage loan all over again. Forget the fact that you already have a home which you might use to stand in as collateral.
Imagine, you can lower your monthly mortgage payment to within 31% of your gross income? To a great many homeowners this represents as much as a $1,000 or even $2,000 per month. Interest rates are being reduced to as low as 3.5% in some cases for a 5 year period. Sound too good to be true? It is time to Hold Your Nose!
Obama’s new loan modification program has simplified Washington Mutual loan modification process also. People who have tried in the past years must be aware of the difficulty in achieving a loan modification.

GMAC Loan Modification – Help For Those With Adjustable Rate

GMAC Loan Modification - Help For Those With Adjustable RateDid you foolishly sign on with an Adjustable Rate Mortgage with GMAC? If so, you probably had quite a shock when your payment suddenly went up without warning. You may have been unable to pay the payment, and you are now in default on your mortgage. A GMAC Loan Modification may help you get things straightened out, and it could get you a much lower monthly payment.

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Bad Credit Mortgages to Give You a New Lease on Life

Bad Credit Mortgages to Give You a New Lease on LifeNot all credits are created equal. In a world where buying food, shelter and clothing all depends on one little piece of plastic – your credit card – you need to have a good credit history since you cannot live on cash alone.

If you cannot afford to issue a blank check or have an unlimited amount for your credit card, then you need to slow down and work your way through building a good credit history Read More

Obama’s Home Affordable Plan – Recent Adjustments and Improvements

Obama's Home Affordable Plan - Recent Adjustments and ImprovementsObama’s Home Affordable Plan has been operational for over a year, now. The Administration is pleased overall with its results, but they have been making some adjustments and improvements. The overall efficiency of the program will be enhanced.

The government has determined that the economy is doing better. The real estate market is showing positive growth signals. Interest Read More

Should You Use Discount Points When Getting a Mortgage?

Should You Use Discount Points When Getting a Mortgage?There are various ways in which you can save on a mortgage. One of the popular options, which are readily available to borrowers, is the purchase of discount points. Find out how this saving method works and consider its pros and cons to decide whether it is worth using.

How Discount Points Work

With each discount point, you reduce the size of the principal Read More

A Step Up the Ladder?

A Step Up the Ladder?If you’re getting restless and feel that it’s time for a change of scene, don’t automatically think of a move. If you need a bigger house for family reasons, or it’s necessary in order to take up new employment, then that’s a different matter and it may well be that you have to get into the sales process, with all its chains, broken promises and disappointments.

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Refinance Home Mortgage Loan – Homeowners Should Consider Future Changes and Plans

Refinance Home Mortgage Loan - Homeowners Should Consider Future Changes and PlansRefinancing is a costly business. There are closing costs, fees and there may be early payment penalties on the existing mortgage. Should homeowners have to refinance again few years time, there will be similar costs again. Furthermore, changes in circumstances may prevent them from refinancing again.

Homeowners should consider their future plans and adversities. For example, people coming Read More

Refinancing: What Are Points?

Refinancing: What Are Points?When you are refinancing, it is not uncommon to hear lenders refer to points. But what are these? If you are going to be a savvy home loan consumer, it is important to understand common financing and refinancing terms. The term “points” is one of those terms that it is helpful to know when it comes to getting a mortgage, whether it is your first home loan or whether you are refinancing an existing mortgage Read More

Points to Consider Before Remortgaging

Points to Consider Before RemortgagingAre you firmed up to remortgage and would like some relevant info? You indeed need to compare mortgages and even consider self-build mortgages. There are 4 primary areas to consider when you look for a new remortgage deal. They are all equally as important and determining factor of the amount you can access from lenders and the interest rates that you could be paying.

Equity /Loan to value

All lenders Read More

What is a Short-Sale and How Does it Affect the Value of My Home?

What is a Short-Sale and How Does it Affect the Value of My Home?When a mortgage refinance is in your future, you may need to worry about what the industry calls short-sales and how they can affect the value of your home. A short-sale of real estate means (1) the property owner can no longer afford to make the monthly payments on the mortgage, so (2) the lender is threatening to foreclose the loan. To prevent this (3) the property owner Read More